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Hand and Foot movement – Unsoku & Tandoku-undoPerformed by Steve Hogg, 5th Dan (

Randori No Kata, demonstrated by Ken Broome Sensei Techniques 1-5 Techniques 6-10 Techniques 11-17

Andy Wisbey and Paul O’Connell giving a precise demonstration of the Dai Yon. From the Shoshinkan Schools of Traditional Tomiki Aikido

Jim Dempster and Tom Davey from Gowa Ryu Aikido demonstrate the first Koryu no Kata from the Tomiki Aikido syllabus

Aikido – The Tomiki Way introduces a new student to Tomiki Aikido, while also providing useful reference material to an advanced practitioner of Aikido, regardless of style. This book contains over 1100 photographs demonstrating the kata system (including all six Koryu No Kata) of Tomiki Aikido, as well as explaining etiquette, basic movements, and ukemi […]

Demonstration of the Owaza Jun Pon by Nick Lowry from the Windsong Dojo

Unsoku & Tandoku Undo Performed at  London Aikido Dojo

Tomiki Aikido Koryu Dai San Kata Demonstrated by Shaun Hoddy & Paul O’Connell. Suwari Waza, Tachi waza Tanto Dori, Tachi Dori, Jo Dori Jo No Tsukai, Tachi Tai Tachi Suwari waza Oshi Taoshi Gyakugame ate Kote Gaeshi Ryotemochi sukui nage Tenkai Kote Hineri Shiho Nage Gedan Ate Hiji Kime Tachi Waza Kote Mawashi Uchi Tenkai […]