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Hand and Foot movement – Unsoku & Tandoku-undoPerformed by┬áSteve Hogg, 5th Dan (

Andy Wisbey and Paul O’Connell giving a precise demonstration of the Dai Yon. From the Shoshinkan Schools of Traditional Tomiki Aikido

A very nice Tomiki video from Shaun Hoddy Sensei

Jim Dempster and Tom Davey from Gowa Ryu Aikido demonstrate the first Koryu no Kata from the Tomiki Aikido syllabus

Guy Needler Sensei showing Basic Aikido Taisabaki, focusing on basic Knee walking (Suwarawaza).


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From the video “Apprennez L’Aikido” (learn Aikido) by Christian Tissier a Koshi sequence. This is a 1985 movie,when sensei was 34.

Soft Ukemi

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Morihiro Saito Shihan demonstrating his kata with a jo 31 Jo Kata Kumi Jo